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Pig Project

How to Wash Your Trailer

Livestock nominations

Livestock Weight Dates

Reminder that Large Animals such as Market Steers and Breeding Heifers need to be in your possession for 120 days prior to County Fair. Also, Small animals (bucket calves, sheep, goats, and swine) need to be born after January 1 and must be in your possession 80 days prior to County Fair.

Large Animal Weigh Dates

Ness      Saturday, March 19

Lane      Sunday, March 20 @ 2:00 pm

Rush      Sunday, April 3, @ 2:00 pm

May 1:  Market Beef Nominations Due for State Fair and KJLS

Small Animal Weigh Dates

Lane      Wednesday, April 27th @ 5:30pm

Ness      Sunday, May 1st, @ 3:00pm

Rush      Saturday, May 7th @ 8:00am

June 15:  Commercial Heifer, Swine, Sheep, & Meat Goat Nominations Due