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Walnut Creek District


Agmanager Info Website
Jared Petersilie 1/15/21

The Real Value of a Presentation
Robyn Deines 1/9/21

Using Christmas Trees After the Holidays
Chris Long

Feeding Fido
Jared Petersilie

Caring for Poinsettias
Chris Long 12/12/20

Risk Management Tools
Jared Petersilie 12/4/20

Possible Injury to Wheat in the Fall
Chris Long 11/20/20

Cattle Water Needs
Jared Petersilie 11/13/20

Setting Goals
Robyn Deines 11/6/20

Putting Your Tools in Hibernation
Chris Long 10/30/20

Dangers of Prescription drugs
Kaylee Goss 12/24/20

The Exciting Aspects of Fertilizer
Jared Petersilie 10/17/20

Join 4H
Robyn Deines 10/10/20

Working Garden Soil in the Fall
Chris Long 10-3-20

Medicare Open Enrollment
Kaylee Goss 9/25/20

Farm Safety
Jared Petersilie 9/19/20

Raising Tomorrows Leader's
Robyn Deines 9/12/20

Wheat Variety Selection
Chris Long 9/4/20

Food Safety
Kaylee Goss 8/21/20

Planning for Weaning
Jared Petersilie 8/22/20

Back to School Routine
Robyn Deines 8/15/20

Get a Handle on Volunteer Wheat
Chris Long 8/7/20

Water Testing
Jared Petersilie 7/24/20

The Reason We Do What We Do
Robyn Deines 7/18/20

Pollination Issues in the Garden
Chris Long 7/10/20

Don't Mix Those Household Chemicals
Kaylee Goss 7/3/20

Blue Green Algae
Jared Petersilie 6/26/20

Tough Talking Tips
Robyn Deines 6/19/20

Are Your Trees Stressed?
Chris Long 6/12/20

Signs of Alzheimers Disease
Kaylee Goss 6/5/20

Milk in its Rawest Form
Jared Petersilie

Kids and Stress
Robyn Deines 5/22/20

Bag Worms
Chris Long 5/18/20

What is "Out of Date" Food?
Kaylee Goss 5/8/20

Get Your Bulls Tested
Jared Petersilie 5/1/20

Focus on Routine
Robyn Deines 4/25/20

Potential for Freeze Damage to Wheat
Chris Long 4/18/20

Handling Those Extra Stressors
Kaylee Goss 4/11/20

Covid-19 Is a Human Virus
Jared Petersilie 4/4/20

Quality, Not Necessarily Quantity Time
Robyn Deines 3/28/20

Chris Long 3/21/20

Family Action Plan
Kaylee Goss 3/13/20

Spring Pest Care Tips
Jared Petersilie 3/10/20

Beef Project
Robyn Deines 2/29/2020

Controlling Kochia
Chris Long 2/21/2020

Get Your Walking Feet Ready for Walk Kansas
Kaylee Goss 2/15/2020

Late Season Grazing & Reducing Fire Risk
Jared Petersilie 2-8-2020

Public Speaking Doesn't have to Be Scary
Robyn Deines 1/31/2020

Weed Control in Wheat Stands
Chris Long 1/24/2020

Dealing with Additional Stresses
Jared Petersilie 1-18-2020

The 4H Pledge and New Year Resolutions
Robyn Deines 1-10-2020

Christmas Tree Removal
Chris Long 1-3-2020

Tax Management
Jared Petersilie 12-27-19

Making the Most of Family Time
Robyn Deines 12-20-2019

Care for Poinsettias
Chris Long 12-13-2019

Good Ridance 2019
Jared Petersilie 12-7-19

Bonding Thru Board Games
Robyn Deines  11-30-19

Bring on the Moisture
Chris Long 11-23-19

Full on Accessibility to Bales Can Cost
Jared Petersilie 11/16/19

It's Not To Late to Enroll in 4-H
Robyn Deines 11/8/19

Handling Fall Leaves on the Lawn
Chris Long 11/2/19

Get the Most from Grazing Stalks
Jared Petersilie 10/26/19

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween
Robyn Deines 10/18/19

Last Vegetables of the Season
Chris Long 10/11/19

Farm Bill Changes
Jared Petersilie 10/5/19

4H Program Benefits
Robyn Deines 9/27/19

Fall Tree Planting
Chris Long 9/21/19

Preconditioning Cattle
Jared Petersilie 9-13-19

Vocabulary Development
Robyn Deines 9/5/19

Fall Garden Tillage
Chris Long 8/31/19

Jared Petersilie 8/23/19

Back to School Routines
Robyn Deines 8/16/19

Controlling Volunteer Wheat
Chris Long 8/9/19

Sunscreen and Bug Spray
Erin Petersilie 7-13-19

Preventative Planting Options
Jared Petersilie 6-28-19

How You Can Get Involved in the County Fair
Robyn Deines 6-21-19

Controlling Bag Worms in Trees
Chris Long 6-15-19

Emergency Preparedness on the Farm
Jared Petersilie 6-7-19

"Moisture + More Moisture = Mold"
Erin Petersilie 6-1-19

Grub Worm Control in Lawns
Chris Long 5-25-19

Trace Mineral Nutrition in Cattle
Jared Petersilie 5-11-19

Food Makes the World go Round
Erin Petersilie 5-4-19

Controlling Lawn Weeds
Chris Long 4-20-19

Regaining Conditions of Thin Cows
Jared Petersilie 4-14-19

Some Facts about Juuling
Erin Petersilie 4-6-19

Technology Addiction and Your Child's Brain
Robyn Deines