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Walnut Creek District


2021 Radio Spots

Family Time During Holiday Season
Robyn Trussel

Public Speaking
Robyn Trussel

Chris Long

Civic & Public Service
Robyn Trussel

Reseeding Your Lawn
Chris Long

Ten Things 4-H Taught Me
Shelby Robertson

Jared Petersilie

Just a Little Talk with Lane County 4-Her's
Robyn Trussel

Grilling Safely on the 4th
Jared Petersilie

4 Life Lessons from the County Fair
Karlee Larson

Controlling Bagworms
Chris Long

Spring Cleaning - Barn Style
Jared Petersilie

KS Clover Classroom
Robyn Trussel

Donnis Maughlin, office professional

May is Beef Month
Jared Petersilie

Assessing Freeze Damage in Wheat
Chris Long

Robyn Deines

Why Summer Camp, Because I Said So
Robyn Deines

Coyote Control
Jared Petersilie

Chris Long

Walk Kansas
Donnis Maughlin

Starting Plants Indoors Before Transplanting
Chris Long

Kansas 4-h.org website
Kim McDonald, 4H Program Assistant

Agmanager Info Website
Jared Petersilie 1/15/21

The Real Value of a Presentation
Robyn Deines 1/9/21

Using Christmas Trees After the Holidays
Chris Long


2020 Radio Spots

Feeding Fido
Jared Petersilie

Caring for Poinsettias
Chris Long 12/12/20

Risk Management Tools
Jared Petersilie 12/4/20

Possible Injury to Wheat in the Fall
Chris Long 11/20/20

Cattle Water Needs
Jared Petersilie 11/13/20

Setting Goals
Robyn Deines 11/6/20

Putting Your Tools in Hibernation
Chris Long 10/30/20

Dangers of Prescription drugs
Kaylee Goss 12/24/20

The Exciting Aspects of Fertilizer
Jared Petersilie 10/17/20

Join 4H
Robyn Deines 10/10/20

Working Garden Soil in the Fall
Chris Long 10-3-20

Medicare Open Enrollment
Kaylee Goss 9/25/20

Farm Safety
Jared Petersilie 9/19/20

Raising Tomorrows Leaders
Robyn Deines 9/12/20

Wheat Variety Selection
Chris Long 9/4/20

Food Safety
Kaylee Goss 8/21/20

Planning for Weaning
Jared Petersilie 8/22/20

Back to School Routine
Robyn Deines 8/15/20

Get a Handle on Volunteer Wheat
Chris Long 8/7/20

Water Testing
Jared Petersilie 7/24/20

The Reason We Do What We Do
Robyn Deines 7/18/20

Pollination Issues in the Garden
Chris Long 7/10/20

Don't Mix Those Household Chemicals
Kaylee Goss 7/3/20

Blue Green Algae
Jared Petersilie 6/26/20

Tough Talking Tips
Robyn Deines 6/19/20

Are Your Trees Stressed?
Chris Long 6/12/20

Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
Kaylee Goss 6/5/20

Milk in its Rawest Form
Jared Petersilie

Kids and Stress
Robyn Deines 5/22/20

Bag Worms
Chris Long 5/18/20

What is "Out of Date" Food?
Kaylee Goss 5/8/20

Get Your Bulls Tested
Jared Petersilie 5/1/20

Focus on Routine
Robyn Deines 4/25/20

Potential for Freeze Damage to Wheat
Chris Long 4/18/20

Handling Those Extra Stressors
Kaylee Goss 4/11/20

Covid-19 Is a Human Virus
Jared Petersilie 4/4/20

Quality, Not Necessarily Quantity, Time
Robyn Deines 3/28/20

Chris Long 3/21/20

Family Action Plan
Kaylee Goss 3/13/20

Spring Pest Care Tips
Jared Petersilie 3/10/20

Beef Project
Robyn Deines 2/29/2020

Controlling Kochia
Chris Long 2/21/2020

Get Your Walking Feet Ready for Walk Kansas
Kaylee Goss 2/15/2020

Late Season Grazing & Reducing Fire Risk
Jared Petersilie 2-8-2020

Public Speaking Doesn't have to Be Scary
Robyn Deines 1/31/2020

Weed Control in Wheat Stands
Chris Long 1/24/2020

Dealing with Additional Stresses
Jared Petersilie 1-18-2020

The 4-H Pledge and New Year Resolutions
Robyn Deines 1-10-2020

Christmas Tree Removal
Chris Long 1-3-2020

2018-19 Radio Spots

Tax Management
Jared Petersilie 12-27-19

Making the Most of Family Time
Robyn Deines 12-20-2019

Care for Poinsettias
Chris Long 12-13-2019

Good Riddance 2019
Jared Petersilie 12-7-19

Bonding Thru Board Games
Robyn Deines  11-30-19

Bring on the Moisture
Chris Long 11-23-19

Full-on Accessibility to Bales Can Cost
Jared Petersilie 11/16/19

It's Not To Late to Enroll in 4-H
Robyn Deines 11/8/19

Handling Fall Leaves on the Lawn
Chris Long 11/2/19

Get the Most from Grazing Stalks
Jared Petersilie 10/26/19

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween
Robyn Deines 10/18/19

Last Vegetables of the Season
Chris Long 10/11/19

Farm Bill Changes
Jared Petersilie 10/5/19

4-H Program Benefits
Robyn Deines 9/27/19

Fall Tree Planting
Chris Long 9/21/19

Preconditioning Cattle
Jared Petersilie 9-13-19

Vocabulary Development
Robyn Deines 9/5/19

Fall Garden Tillage
Chris Long 8/31/19

Jared Petersilie 8/23/19

Back to School Routines
Robyn Deines 8/16/19

Controlling Volunteer Wheat
Chris Long 8/9/19

Sunscreen and Bug Spray
Erin Petersilie 7-13-19

Preventative Planting Options
Jared Petersilie 6-28-19

How You Can Get Involved in the County Fair
Robyn Deines 6-21-19

Controlling Bag Worms in Trees
Chris Long 6-15-19

Emergency Preparedness on the Farm
Jared Petersilie 6-7-19

Moisture + More Moisture = Mold
Erin Petersilie 6-1-19

Grub Worm Control in Lawns
Chris Long 5-25-19

Trace Mineral Nutrition in Cattle
Jared Petersilie 5-11-19

Food Makes the World go Round
Erin Petersilie 5-4-19

Controlling Lawn Weeds
Chris Long 4-20-19

Regaining Conditions of Thin Cows
Jared Petersilie 4-14-19

Some Facts about Juuling
Erin Petersilie 4-6-19

Technology Addiction and Your Child's Brain
Robyn Deines