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freezer trayFreezing Food is easy, convenient, and the least time-consuming food preservation method.

Freezing does not kill bacteria, it only slows down the growth of bacteria and slows the enzyme activity which can affect the quality of the food. Freezing will affect the texture of any food because the water in the food expands and breaks cell walls. This results in softer products, especially in fruit. Quality is also affected by fluctuating temperatures during freezer storage. Foods may thaw slightly, then refreeze and ice crystals form on the package. For best storage, keep the freezer below 0oF.

How to Freeze Food

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Did You Know?

Fruit must be treated to protect it from browning.

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Freezer Storage Tips

Don't Freeze These Foods!

While most foods freeze well, there are some foods that should not be frozen because the result is poor quality. Here's a list of those foods:

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