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Home canning of foods is done using two processing methods based on the type of food being canned. Low acid foods, such as vegetables and all meats, must be pressure canned. High acid foods, such as fruits, tomatoes, pickled foods, jams and jellies, are processed using a boiling water bath. This is based on the acidity, or pH, of the food. The dividing point is a pH of 4.6. Any food above 4.6 is a low acid food. Any food below 4.6 is a high acid food.

strong acid

Canning Low Acid Foods

Canning High Acid Foods

Tomatoes and Tomato-based Products

Did You Know?

Home canned foods should be consumed within one year of canning.

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Other Resources

Clearjel Resources

To make fruit pie fillings, ClearJel® is the ideal thickener.  Here are some sources:

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