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Walnut Creek District

Walnut Creek District County Fair information

Lane County Fair
July 20-23, 2022
Lane County FB page
Ness County Fair

Ness County FB page
Rush County Fair
Rush County Fair Board webpage
Rush County Fair Board FB page
Open Class OC entry instructions

Fair Documentation

4-H 2021 Rocket Exhibit form

     Astronomy Exhibit form

     Computer form

     Robotics exhibit sheet

     Rocketry high power form

     UAS form

     ABC Exhibit form

     Ag Mechanics exhibit form

     Rush County Premium Sale and Drug Withdrawal Form

Open/4-H Food Preservation labels

    label small 1 x 2.58"

    label large 2 x 4"

4-H Clothing/Fiber Arts labeling requirements: exhibitors can make their own label on a piece of cloth with a permanent or laundry type marker.  Labels should be about 3"x2.5" in size and include exhibitor name, class number and county/district.

   Rush County Buymanship score card - PDF fillable You might have to click on Fill & Sign to complete in Adobe. For each entry, please bring a picture of your outfit along with this completed form.