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NEW Year NEW Adventures - TEAMS

This year we want our WCD 4-H members to step up their game and help us put 4H in the spot light more.  The more the
public sees what a wonderful program 4H is the more people will want to join and become a 4H member also.  Just like
sports we want to focus on a TEAM approach to our 4H projects.  So we have created 4 TEAM areas that we want to focus on.

  • TEAM 4-H Creative Arts (4-H visual arts, clothing/buymanship, fiber arts and photography projects)
  • TEAM 4-H Foods Systems (4-H foods and nutrition, horticulture and crops/agronomy projects)
  • TEAM 4-H Livestock (4-H beef, sheep, swine, meat goat and horse projects)
  • TEAM 4-H Small Animals (4-H poultry, rabbit, dog and pet projects)

The hopes of TEAMS is to create a more purposeful experience for young people in projects where they are team members accountable for each other to learn together, experience new activities together and grow through project work together.  The team's effort should focus on bringing out the science and engineering behind projects and dedicate time to community service and leadership.

Teams consist of three (3) 4-Hers (no more, no less, per team)

  • Members may be of any 4-H age. (In fact, older 4-Hers are encouraged to partner with younger members for mentoring).
  • Members may be from any club in Walnut Creek District (Lane, Ness or Rush counties).
  • Members cannot be in the same household (or manage livestock at the same facility together).
  • Members do not have to have the same projects, but all three members must be present at the same "team" related event to capture points.
  • A 4-Her not enrolled in the project may participate as long as they are present with team members and actively learning and participating within the TEAM.
  • No 4-Her may be on more than one TEAM within the four project areas. In other words, you may only be on ONE Small Animals TEAM, but you can be on one Livestock TEAM, one Small Animals TEAM and one Foods System TEAM.

How it works

  • TEAMs will post activities to a private Facebook group where all participants in TEAM are part of the group/can see the posts.
  • Activities are captured in a picture with all three of the team members in the picture. A caption detailing activity, including where and what was learned must accompany the picture to count.
  • Activity must be posted on the day it happened to be counted (within 24 hours of event). (No creative double posting of the same activity, please)
  • Each activity with properly documented picture and story will count for points (see point system).
  • If the top teams are close in points, there may be an interview process at the county fair to determine final placings.
  • This is a project learning opportunity, not specifically tied to one project area, but includes 4-H learning multiple project areas

Start putting your TEAMS together as we will want to start creating Facebook groups and such before the end of December so learning opportunities can happen between January 1st and July 1st!  Attached are the guidelines for the four TEAM areas.

Team 4-H Small Animal
Team 4-H Food System
Team 4-H Livestock
Team 4-H Creative Arts

New for 2021

We have created a WCD4H YouTube Channel, and will be working to create some 4H Project videos to post soon.  If you have some ideas for what your kids or you would like to see on a YouTube video please share.  We are looking for ideas that are of interest to you the most.

National 4-H Week