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Super Saturday

2023 Northwest Judging Results

Congratulations to everyone participating in the 2023 NW 4-H Super Saturday Judging event. Here are the results of the six judging contests. Medals and certificates will be delivered to your local Extension Office as soon as possible. Remember that the juniors in each contest participated for the experience and recieved participation awards as they finished the contest. The top three intermediate and senior individuals will recieve medals. The top 10 individuals will receive certificates and the top team in each age group will receive medals.

Crops Results

Entomology Results

Junior Horticulture Results

Intermediate Horticulture Results

Senior Horticulture Results

Junior Life Skills Results

Intermediate Life Skills Results

Senior Life Skills Results

Junior Livestock Results

Intermediate Livestock Results

Senior Livestock Results

Junior Photography Results

Intermediate Photography Results

Senior Photography Results